Landscape Designer

Candice Cosler of Discovery Gardens has been creating beautiful, award winning landscapes for over 30 years.  With a great appreciation for the natural world, she designs landscapes that mimic nature and compliment the existing environment.

Because of her concern for our environment and our personal health she uses only organic methods and sustainable practices. Creating edible landscapes, using permaculture methods, is a passion of hers. 

Besides designing and installing beautiful landscapes, she co-founded a farmers market and a food coop; started and directed a school garden and farm to school program serving over 500 students, and co-managed an heirloom seed company.

Growing up in a small farming community, she saw the impact agribusiness had on family farms, the communities and the environment and began promoting organic agriculture as a teen. Passionate about the environment, health, sustainable food systems and food security, she focuses her efforts on creating edible landscapes and teaching others how to grow organic food and care for the environment.


Architectural Designer

Peter Leach of Peter Leach-Design, Build has been fascinated by enhancing the natural environment thru architectural design and the creative process of working with a customer from initial concepts to satisfied completion.

Understanding that there are many 'right' ways to accomplish goals, Peter listens carefully to the customer’s needs, time frame, and budget while also closely considering the geography of the site in order to evaluate and build a successful project.

Peter has worked for architectural firms, operated his own design/build companies, and was the N.W. Regional Manager for a New England based timber-framing company for over 20 years. He is enthusiastic, has abundant positive energy, and is motivated by a job well done and happy customers. Referrals resulting from a project are indicative and confirming of good organization and communication and appreciative clients.