Candice & Peter have numerous skills beyond designing and creating delightful living spaces

Yacht Delivery

Peter and Candice deliver yachts and have been boating and sailing their entire lives.  They can deliver your boat from port to port or accompany you on a trip, if you wish to improve your boat handling or sailing. Whether it is your own boat that you wish to get more experience on or need your boat delivered, they have the experience and the love of boating to bring your boat safely to your chosen destination.

Peter has his Captain's License USCG 100 GT and teaches sailing. Their sailing and boating adventures span the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Alaska, Caribbean, East Coast, Hawaii & Mexico as well as crossing the Pacific and sailing to Alaska.  Candice commercial fished in Alaska for several years and ran charters in Hawaii and Alaska. They have owned many boats over the years and currently have a beautiful classic wooden boat designed by L Francis Herreshoff. When free time allows, they can be found cruising or racing.


Candice's passion for the outdoors, the natural environment, for health and food security has driven her life's work. She focuses her efforts on creating healthy environments and educating others in growing organic food and caring for our planet. This passion has led her into other areas of focus, beyond landscaping. Her many years of experience in the following areas can help others who desire to start up their own programs, organizations, or businesses.  She can offer consulting on an hourly basis or by project.

School Garden Program

School Garden Program

     School Garden Program:  Candice started a very successful school garden program and worked with 3 school districts In Jefferson County, Washington for over 6 years.  She taught over 500 kids how to grow, prepare and enjoy delicious food from the gardens. She designed the garden curriculum to integrate into the state learning requirements, which was a big success for the school districts. The students also learned about the nutritional value of the food and it's history and cultural background. The integration of this program with the Farm to School Program contributed significantly to the success of each program.

     Farm to School Program:  Candice co-founded a Farm to School program, which focuses on bringing healthy, locally grown food into the school meal program. After several years of hard work, the school district made huge changes to incorporate foods grown by local organic farmers into the school meals. The healthy changes have been well received by both students and faculty alike.

     Farmers Market:  Candice co-founded the Port Townsend Farmers Market and served as a market manager and later a vendor. The market has grown to be one of the Washington State's most successful markets and is now over 20 years old. 

     Food Coop:  Candice co-founded the Oceana Food Coop, in Newport, Oregon, which still thrives after 30 years of operation.  At the time of start up, finding healthy, organic food in the small coastal community was almost impossible. It continues to operates as a worker and member owned coop and contributes significantly to the health and livelihood of the community.

Small Boat Building

Peter has built a broad variety of small wooden boats, ranging from 22' Kingfisher rowing shells to 9'-6" Nut Shell Prams to 12' Whitehalls. He enjoys working alongside a customer, mentoring a student, or building a vessel to fit their sailing, rowing or skiff needs. He also does repair work on existing boats from woodwork to finish, such as restoring a Lightning Class 'woody' with traditional canvas decks. If your interest is in a nesting dingy, a small sailboat, a rowboat, or a small motored skiff he is capable of providing you a beautiful craft.